Data Bi Consulting offers highly professional and advanced staffing solutions in India for temporary and permanent staffing. The core business in our organization is providing staffing solutions in different functional areas. Our approach to a big database of staffing and recruitment resources is supported by proven and reliable HR management system that gives you the best staffing service. We focus on candidates, procedures, and advanced technology to boost business efficiency by helping our clients to get their staffing requirements fulfilled. We also help our clients to focus on managing and developing their core businesses.

We aspire to expand the span of recruitment and HR solutions in order to be a top company for offering various solutions such as staffing, recruitment, compliance, payroll processing, and training services.We use a specific strategy called ‘match and prepare’ that help us to match the needs of our client’s business with the most suitable candidates.

This strategy also helps us to get highly professional workforce, allowing us to expand our services and grow from an HR company to a perfect human resource service provider. Data Bi Consulting also aims to reinforce its operations by employing operations team to help in the development of new fields and service offerings. In Data Bi Consulting, proven payroll, excellent HR practices and compliance scale with your business and offer quality staffing solutions for your organization.

We offer


We provide customized solutions as per your organization’s needs. Our HR solutions are adjustable to staffing requests in a vital area of business.

Expert suggestions

Our company provides convenient salary structures to our staff within your budget, delighting team with a good salary, which is the central aspect to ensure employee retention.

Use of advanced technology

We use the latest and most advanced technology to ensure fast, efficient, and correct staffing administration procedures. We prepare proper reports and make sure with full documentation with an efficient back-end process.

Effective query handling

We provide staffing solution with swift turn-around time and clear advanced points for dealing with employee queries so that you can keep up with giving great services without compromising on the quality. You can find the best staff solutions recruitment from us.