DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

After tapping into existing IT infrastructure and application lifecycle capabilities, we help you assess your current DevOps culture. We then support you in creating a roadmap and actionable plan.

Application and Cloud Management

The DevOps cloud platform accommodates more applications built, tested, and deployed using the latest DevOps automation solutions. DevOn is here to help you transition.

Continuous Integration and Testing

Efficient integration of the work being carried out by all developers in a dynamic environment increases visibility for the whole team. We also support quick and efficient quality reviews with continuous, automated testing.

DevOps Managed Services

Today’s organizations require sophisticated DevOps managed service providers. Our DevOps-as-a-Service helps you meet the growing demands of development, implementation, and delivery.

End-to-End DevOps Implementation

A roadmap is essential for any successful DevOps implementation. Databi’s agile DevOps implementation strategy accelerates your organization’s workflow with end-to-end automation.

DevOps Consulting Services

Our DevOps consulting services are perfectly placed to help you on your DevOps journey. From design to development to implementation and automation.