Data Bi  Consulting is one of the fastest growing HR firms for providing quality placement services. As a systematic and well-organized company, we offer an extensive range of solutions to the employers and job seekers. Our services include career consultant, human resources consultancy, placement consultants and HR Services. Our expert team maintains an efficient database in India to fulfill the workforce requirements of various industries in India. We serve the IT sector, software development, financial services, industrial and manufacturing, BPO and KPO, and travel and aviation division.

Due to our extensive experience in the business, Data Bi  Consulting is capable of matching the correct candidate with the most suitable job positions. We provide placement consultants on a time and ensure that our services meet the expectation of both job seekers and employers. We are known as an efficient placement company for delivering fast and productive services to our clients.

We identify the talent

Data Bi Consulting’s major specialty is identifying the right talent for various job roles and positions in a company from middle level to senior management positions. Currently, we are offering placement services to many prominent MNC’s in India. We work and operate through domain expert teams spread all over the nation, providing quality placement consultants and services. Our role starts with the client’s requirements, and we thoroughly understand the complications and nature of his business. Due to this ability, we can offer employers with talented candidates who are the most suitable for the particular job profile.

Data Bi Consulting has a database of thousands of resources.

  • We apply a thorough selection process that includes screening, a technical round of interviews, a personal round, and a background scan.
  • Our team spends great effort in knowing and understanding the softer features of a client’s firm and culture to make sure a great culture and good attitude match.
  • We get to know about things that make your company unique to recognize the correct candidates.
  • Data Bi  focuses on growing technology when providing IT consulting services and hiring for tech companies.
  • We are committed, responsive, and energetic about connecting clients with top talent.